Appliances and Tools Needed for a New Kitchen

If you are moving to a new home, you will need to buy several kitchen tools and appliances. The kitchen is one of the toughest rooms in the house to fully stock. You need to make sure your kitchen is designed according to your requirements. You can find many small kitchen designs in Saudi Arabia.

Certain necessary items can easily be forgotten during a quick visit to the nearest store. You may only realize that you need something while preparing a meal and you do not have it. For you to have a fully functional kitchen, there are significant items you must buy. This article has compiled a list of those items to make your work much easier when picking them up at the store.

  1. Fridge

It is used to store cooked and uncooked foods to maintain their freshness. It helps to minimize wastage especially when there are leftovers. When buying a refrigerator, you need to consider its capacity and the number of people in your home. The higher the capacity of the fridge, the more expensive it is. Most people prefer a refrigerator that has a freezer as it is most affordable. Additionally, get a refrigerator that is energy efficient.

  1. Dishwasher

Cleaning dishes manually can be a tiresome task especially after hosting a large party at your house. A dishwasher will save you a lot of this trouble. Buy a dishwasher that can accommodate various sizes of utensils. A dishwasher with adjustable racks is highly recommended. Additionally, get one that saves both water and electricity and has a self-cleaning function.

  1. Microwave

The latest microwave ovens can be used not only to heat food but also to cook and bake. You can also buy microwavable foods such as rice which makes the cooking process much easier. Moreover, certain microwave ovens have a grilling function for your bacon, meat or vegetables.

  1. Chef’s knife

It is one of the most flexible knives that will allow you to cut and slice foods without looking for other tools. It is sharp and heavy which give you that smooth and fine cut. Ensure that you get a stainless steel knife that will not rust. Additionally, get a knife block to store your knives off the counter hence saving space in the drawers.

  1. Food scale

When baking, you need to measure quite a number of ingredients. A food scale will come in handy when getting exact weights compared to using measuring cups.

  1. Stockpot

Every kitchen needs a stock pot. It is designed for boiling potatoes, making stews and soups and also pasta. These pots are thick to absorb and contain a lot of the heat. Buy one that has a lid and big enough for your household.

  1. Spatula

You will definitely need at least on spatula in the kitchen. This tool helps you turn and spread food while cooking. Get a durable spatula preferably made of stainless steel that will withstand high temperatures. Also, get a spatula of medium length that will not make your flipping difficult.

  1. Storage containers

Food storage containers are essential when storing food in the fridge or carrying food to work. It is advisable to buy containers made out of glass. These are usually microwave and dishwasher friendly. Other than that, they are environmentally safer compared to plastic.

  1. Skillet

This is one item that you will probably use more than any other. Frying, steaming, browning, searing and sautéing are some of the activities that will occur in the skillet. It is, therefore, necessary that you select one that is made of stainless steel. The interior of your skillet should be made of nonstick material. Additionally, get one that has a lid which is helpful when simmering.

  1. Cups and glasses

Store enough cups and glasses that can serve at least five people at a time. You can also add a few fancy mugs for your morning coffee or tea.

  1. Plates and bowls

Invest in a quality dinnerware for at least five people. Purchase different sizes of plates and bowls too. Do not forget to ensure that they are microwave and dishwasher friendly.

You might need to include a serving plate too. This will stand out on your dinner table especially in you have a large piece of meat. This serving plate will come in handy when you have guests over at your house.

  1. Vegetable peeler

It is much safer to use a vegetable peeler than a knife when peeling vegetables. This tool will help you peel your potatoes with ease. It can also be used to shave off cheese into beautiful tiny shapes. Choose a stainless steel peeler too.