7 Surprising Ways Your Kitchen Setup Can Help Lose Weight

Weight loss is a common fad these days. It has become imperative that infinite methods of reducing weight are available for people to indulge in when cutting weight. However, the new methods of reducing weight have been duplicated to an extent that a majority are obsolete.

You do not have to worry anymore though. Surprisingly enough, there are interventions to help cut weight that is not related to the nonstop heavy-liftings and subscribing to numerous diets. It is possible to set up your kitchen in a way that encourages weight loss. The following setups will help you lose weight subtly even without your knowledge.

  1. Separate Your Serving Spot from The Table

This tip is meant to inculcate inconvenience to your family members. By separating your serving station from the dining table, you make it difficult for individuals with a knack for second rounds to leave the table in search of more rations.

The distance an individual will need to cover to resupply should be enough to discourage people from leaving the table after finishing rations.

However, it is essential to ensure healthy foods like salad and fruits are on the table to encourage consumption of greens.

  1. Purpose to Have an Empty Countertop

A countertop packed with food like snack tempts people to eat regularly as compared to a clear countertop. Why is this? Answering this question can alter the manner in which you tackle weight loss. A countertop cluttered with juice, candy jars, and leftover pizza are cues of availability of food. It only serves at enticing people that food is in plentiful supply and should be eaten.

Keep your countertops free of any junk foods to limit the consumption of junk foods like pizza and cakes.

Clearing your countertop does not mean it is free of any item. Ensure fruits are a common feature of your kitchen countertop to encourage healthy living among your family members.

  1. Purchase A Fruit Bowl

Purpose to have vegetables and fruits like grapes, bananas, oranges are ever present on your fruit bowl. Place them on a clear container so that they are seen by everyone. The visibility of the fruits encourages people to eat them as opposed to junk food.

The fruits you decide to display in your kitchen should always require little or no time to prepare to encourage their consumption. The bowl should also be replenished consistently.

  1. Use A Refrigerator

Freezers are a sure method of saving food for the future instead of piling on leftovers. Storing your leftovers on your fridge saves you from trying to clear out leftovers like a pizza at once. It further encourages the individual to concentrate on more healthier foods like vegetables and fruits.

  1. Scale Down the Sizes of Your Plates

The size of your plate cut your food intake by almost 33%. The bigger the plate, the higher the urge to serve more food and vice versa. Therefore, in a bid to cut weight, it is essential to reconsider the sizes of your serving plates.

Start experimenting with plates two or three inches smaller than your regular plates. Make the rescaling process gradual and not shift from a 10-inch plate to a 5-inch plate. The instant changing of your serving plate can force you to compensate for the reduced food by taking more rations. Hence, it is the reason why the resizing of your plate should be gradual to help your stomach acclimatize with the changes.

  1. Install Water Dispenser in Your Kitchen

People tend to get thirsty when they see water. A water dispensing equipment should be a constant feature of any kitchen that aims at encouraging weight loss. Drinking water also occupies space that would otherwise have been filled with food. Thus, encouraging your family to drink a lot of water is crucial. The water dispenser should be near the dining table or the kitchen. The constant bumping into the water dispensing equipment will remind people they need to drink water.

The dispensing equipment should also be refilled regularly to boost water intake.

  1. Maintain A Clean and Tidy Kitchen

A disorganized kitchen is an indicator of bad eating habits. A dirty kitchen can be very stressful because it requires time and energy to clean utensils and make a healthy meal. Thus, an individual will be more inclined to eat junk food that readily available which can unhealthy to your body in the long run.

A tidy kitchen setup urges a cook to clean produce well before cooking. Thus, a clean kitchen encourages its users to prepare healthy food that is beneficial to the body.


Working at the gym and subscribing to numerous diets are not the only methods of helping lose weight as previously thought. The manner in which you organize your kitchen plays a significant role in how and how long you take to reduce your weight to manageable levels. Hence, it is vital to integrate your kitchen setup in your weight loss plan.