6 Ways to Keep your Kitchen free from bugs and dirt

Often, we tend to relate bugs in our homes with dirt. What we fail to understand is that bugs constitute a larger part of the ecosystem. Hence, they probably outdo us in number. However, these do not mean that they are welcome in our homes. It is irritating to see how witty they can get, crawling relentlessly on the floors, scaring the hell out us and mounting the walls. Even though we are supposed to co-exist with some of these bugs, maybe outside our premises. They invade our homes in search of food, water, shelter and places to camouflage.

Different bugs get attracted to our premises by scents, light, moisture, food odors and dirt. Hence, we have to adopt a strategy to keep them off our homes. We do this by employing the following steps.

  1. Cleaning and mopping

Your kitchen has to be impeccable. We clean to remove dirt and also deter the intrusion by bugs. By cleaning or mopping, we remove food debris, scents, and dirt that may breed bugs in your kitchen. Also, when the house is left for long without cleaning, dirt adsorbs onto the walls, clothes closets, bookshelves, floors and especially under the seats where we may fail to clean regularly. These sites exhibit a certain smell that makes your home compelling for bugs to invade.

Also, it is important to thoroughly clean any objects and surfaces that bugs might have landed. Bugs tend to leave behind hormonal scents that may act to attract others of its kind. Thus, one bug might be a welcome note for more crawling and flying insects. Clean you get rid of their eggs and their established lifecycles.

  1. Cleaning the dishes

You do not have to leave the dishes in sinks untended for, for hours. If you are running out of time and want to do the dishes later, rinse them with water to remove the food remains. Otherwise, you will find your room a mess with bad smell and bugs such as houseflies. This can be annoying hence most of us hate it when they have to share their spaces with house flies. They portly an aspect of unhygienic environments. Therefore, to avoid such discomforts, keep your dishes clean after use.

  1. Declutter and Empty your trash bins

You should dispose of trash and clutters such papers, cardboards, and boxes laying unused in your kitchen. This acts as a hotspot where bugs have plenty of space to breed and colonize. Besides this, emptying your trash can empty is crucial. Mostly, trash cans constitute organic matters such as foods, vegetable remnants and so forth. Hence, once left unemptied, the garbage starts to rot and collect bad scents that are alluring to bugs. Bugs breed easily, and all they require are favorable conditions to reproduce. Therefore, without any alert, your trash can turn into a sustainable harbor for bugs. Thus, it gets recommended that you empty the trash can daily to destroy the bugs breeding sites.

  1. Seal the food

After you get done with serving or using bought cooking products, it is recommended that you keep the remainder airtight. Even for pet food, you have to keep them sealed after the pet is done eating. For the leftovers, empty them in the trash can and keep it sealed too. These discourage the roaming bugs from tampering with the food. Insects such as houseflies can be troublesome especially in the lines of health. Also, the may cause the food to go bad. Hence, you must keep foodstuffs sealed to rid of scents that may fascinate bugs.

  1. Vacuuming

It would drain your whole energy to spot bug eggs on your carpet or underneath it. Dirt from crumbs infiltrate below the carpet and forms a good harbor for bugs to breed. However, with frequent vacuuming on the sofas and mats will help you get rid of impromptu bug invasions. Vacuuming on a regular basis helps cut their lifecycle and clear of any traces they might have left.

  1. Dehumidify

Moist areas such as counter tops, sinks, and drainage systems should be kept on the check. Bugs such as cockroaches and silverfish love moist areas since they provide a suitable space for them to reproduce. After doing your dishes, ensure that the sinks and counters tops are well drained. Mosquitos may find such areas suitable for their breeding. Inspect your kitchen to see if there are potential leaks on the plumbing areas. In the cases of crevices that may cause moisture to penetrate, you can have them sealed. Also, you can use a dehumidifier or DIY charcoal lumps in a container that has holes bore on the lid.

As we have seen above, bugs breed in dirty environs. Hence, you have to keep them unwelcomed in your homes. You do this by avoiding living in the filthy surroundings and observing the hygiene of your kitchen.