10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen

In most urban cities, small kitchens are quite popular. Therefore, do not hate your small kitchen yet. There a lot of tricks to maximize the tiny space and making it fully functional. If you think cabinets are the only place you can store items, well, you are wrong. However, designing a small kitchen can take up much time since the requirements have to be exact. Illustrated below are a few tips on how to makes the most of your small kitchen.

  1. Use drawers

To have access to more space, convert your cabinets to drawers. Drawers will also allow you to organize and access items more easily than cabinets. Searching for items in the cabinets can result in a huge mess where things are bulging out of the shelves. On the other hand, drawers that are divided into rows give a more stylish and chic appearance even when slightly disorganized.

  1. Use a mobile island

Getting a customized island from your nearest furniture store is quite easy. An island with wheels is the perfect option to increase counter space in a small kitchen. You can use it to prepare meals or store some items. You can also use it as a kitchen bar where you have your breakfast every morning.

  1. Utilize the space around the fridge

If there is some extra space between the refrigerator and the wall, consider having a pantry on wheels. This is the perfect spot to store away all your spices and other canned foods. You can DIY a rolling pantry over a long weekend and save yourself some money. Additionally, you can build a shelf above your fridge. This additional space can be used to store things that are rarely used.

  1. Use your oven as storage

If you have limited storage space, do not fret. You can use your oven to store items such as muffin tins, cooling racks, baking sheets, and extra cooking pots. However, do not forget to remove all the things before you turn the oven on.

  1. Arrange things by how frequently you use them

This is an excellent trick as it helps to minimize clutter in the small kitchen. Store the items mostly used at arm’s reach, for example, cooking oil and spices which should be near the cooker. In this case, you can build a small rack that will hold these items above the stove. Additionally, you can store the cups and plates within reach. This will make it easier to load and unload the dishwasher.

  1. Over the sink chopping board

If you do not have enough floor space for an island, this is the way to go. An over the sink chopping board is an excellent idea to increase counter space. You get to clean your foods and chop them up without moving around much.

  1. Make use of the walls

If you have high ceilings, you are in luck. You could install shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling. This is a great way to store your utensils while still displaying your fancy kitchenware. Additionally, you can install hooks from the ceiling where you can hang your pans and pots. Ensure that you can reach your pots by stepping onto a small stool to avoid falling off.

  1. Multifunctional furniture

You could have a narrow kitchen bar installed in your kitchen. A few drawers can be incorporated into this piece of furniture to provide extra storage space. It can also serve as a kitchen workspace, breakfast spot, and even desk if your kitchen opens into the living room.

  1. Hang things on the wall

If you lack adequate storage space, consider using rods or hooks to hang certain items on the walls. It will help you display some of your tools in a fancy way. For example, you can get magnetic rods onto which you can place your knives and other metallic items. You can use the hooks to hang mittens, hand towels and cute pieces of art.

Additionally, you can purchase magnetic racks which can be placed on the side of the fridge. You can use this extra space to store sauces and foils.

  1. Paint your kitchen walls white

The color white creates an illusion of a bigger kitchen as it reflects light. It also makes the room feel airy. Additionally, the kitchen space also appears more unified due to other colors present in the kitchen.

However, it is advisable not to hand any items on white walls.